Women's Scholarships

AAIF Youth Leadership Scholarship

Application Deadline March 15

Helen Abbott Community Service Awards offers $1,000 scholarships to honor students under 30 in two categories: (1) achievement by a college/university student, and (2) achievement by a high school student.  Applicants must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a college or university program or enrolled in high school.


Adrian Rubin Foundation Scholarship

Application Deadline: July 1

You are eligible to apply for this $1,200 scholarship if you are a high school senior that has been accepted into college or a current college student that hasn’t reached their last year in college.  The application process includes a 500-word essay submission.


AmericanMuscle Automotive Scholarship

Application Deadline: October 15 (Spring), June 15 (Fall)

AmericanMuscle offers four $2,000 scholarships for students pursuing an automotive themed major, such mechanical engineering, robotics etc.  Only students currently enrolled full-time in an American college, technical institute, or high school seniors planning to attend a college or post-secondary institution are eligible.


AmericanTrucks Student Scholarships

Application Deadline: October 15 (Spring), June 15 (Fall)

AmericanTrucks offers four $2,000 scholarships to students, including high school seniors -- pursuing a career in the traditional building trades such as HVAC, carpentry, electrical, or related fields of study.  Eligibility is limited to students currently enrolled full-time in an American college, technical institute, or high school seniors planning to attend a college or post-secondary institution.


Asco Numatic Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 23

ASCO will award two $5,000 scholarships to U.S. engineering students who are pursuing careers in industrial automation-related disciplines. Scholarship recipients may be eligible for an ASCO internship.  Additionally, ASCO will make $1,000 grants to the engineering departments of the colleges in which the winners are enrolled.


Blacks At Microsoft Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 10, 2020

This $20,000 scholarship is offered to high-school seniors of African descent (for example, African-American, African, or Ethiopian), who plan to attend a four-year college or university and plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs.


BluePay Stem Scholarship

Application Deadline: August 16

BluePay will award a winning student $1,000 to be used toward his or her degree.  In addition, two runners-up will each be awarded $250 book scholarships.  Featured essays may be published in part or in entirety on the BluePay blog, citing the author.  To qualify, undergraduate or graduate students must be majoring in a STEM field of study and attending an accredited college or university.


Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship

Early Application Deadline: May 22, 2020
Regular Application Deadline: September 11, 2020

The Cameron Education Foundation seeks to invest in exceptional individuals who will make a notable impact in their varied professional and personal relationships throughout their entire lives. This four-year, merit-based scholarship is intended to cover the full tuition, fees, course-related expenses, books, supplies, and equipment at the recipient’s chosen collegiate institution.


CardRates.com Financial Futures Scholarship

Application Deadline: July 31st annually

CardRates.com offers this scholarship to future and current college students majoring in Business, Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, Management, and others preparing for a career in the personal finance industry.  Applicants will be judged based on outstanding academic achievement and submission of an essay. The scholarship award amount is $1,000.


Children's Defense Fund Beat the Odds Scholarship

Application Deadline: May 31, 2020

Children's Defense Fund Beat the Odds scholarship participants receive a $10,000 scholarship and academic support services needed to matriculate and succeed in college and beyond.


Cash Store Continuing Education Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 

The Cash Store, a personal lending company is inviting scholarship application for high school graduates, a current undergraduate or graduate student. The $1,000 scholarship is intended for those who want to continue their education.


Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship

Application Deadline: October 

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship of $20,000 awarded to 150 graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.


Collegiate Inventors Competition

Application Deadline: June 7

The Collegiate Inventors Competition Scholarship encourages students who actively pursue invention.  The competition showcases the process of invention at the collegiate level — leading through creative thinking, problem solving and determination.  The maximum award amount is $100,000.


David Eaton Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 15 (annually)

David East Scholarship offers scholarships to students enrolled full-time or at least half time in a Masters of Divinity degree program leading to fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister. Candidate status is required.



Application Deadline: October 15 (Spring), June 15 (Fall)

ExtremeTerrain offers two $3,000 scholarships for high school seniors and  undergraduate college/university students pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth and Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems.


FormSwift Scholarship

Application Deadlines: 4 times each year

The FormSwift Scholarship is open to high school graduate and college students.  Applicants simply create a Business Plan Infographic about selected industries. The $1,000 award is granted four times each year.  Application deadlines are as follows:

  • June 15, 2019
  • September 15, 2019
  • December 15, 2019
  • March 15, 2020


Fundbox Future Small Business Owner Scholarship

Application Deadline: Dec 31

Fundbox offers scholarships to students with entrepreneurial vision.  Students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolling in an accredited college or university are invited to apply.  $3,500, $1,000, and $500 scholarship awards are offered.


Islamic Scholarship Fund

Application Deadline: April 19

The Islamic Scholarship Fund is a merit-based scholarship awarded ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 each aimed at Muslim students.  Their goal is to encourage and support students to become future lawyers, politicians, journalists, film makers, and academicians that properly represent Islam and Muslims in the US.


Lawnstarter Scholarship

Application Deadline: August 20 & December 31 annually

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship offers a grant $1,000 to any student with the potential to change the world through entrepreneurship related to lawn care, landscaping, etc.  The scholarship is open to any high school senior who is going to pursue college degree or full-time college student enrolled in a two year, four year, or graduate program. This scholarship is open to all majors.


Medical Assistant Certification Scholarships

Application Deadline: Varies

Here you’ll find a list of scholarships geared specifically toward medical assisting certificate and degree programs, along with a database of over 14,000 general scholarships.


Mesothelioma.net Scholarships

Application Deadline: August 15

This scholarship offers qualifying students the chance to win a $2,000 scholarship for detailing their personal experiences either living with cancer or watching a loved one battle cancer.  Students applying for this scholarship must be in high school or gap year with plans to attend or enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program on a full time basis.


Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 31

This scholarship awards a $4,000 scholarship to a student whose life has been impacted by cancer.  Students applying for this scholarship must be in high school or gap year with plans to attend or enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program on a full time basis.


Microsoft Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: January 26

Microsoft awards tuition and conference scholarships each year to encourage students to further their learnings in Computer Science and related STEM disciplines. Applicants must be enrolled full time in a bachelor's, master's, or PhD program at a four-year college or university in the United States, Canada, or Mexico at the time the application is submitted.


PlushBeds Scholarship

Application Deadline: August 15 

PlushBeds is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student seeking an "eco-degree" in environmental related majors/programs at any accredited American college, university, or trade school.  Applicants must submit an essay of 1,000 words minimum with the title The Top 10 Things a Consumer can do to Help the Environment.


Poet.com Never Satisfied Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 1 

POET Never Satisfied Scholarships are open to students enrolled for Fall Semester 2019 in any two- or four-year post-secondary school, regardless of major or GPA. Never Satisfied Scholars receive up to $5,000 each, and will have the opportunity to visit the POET Sioux Falls campus during the school year.


Prime Medical Alert Scholarship for future Nurses

Application Deadline: July 31 (Fall), December 31 (Spring)

The Prime Medical Alert scholarship is open to applicants working toward a two year or four year degree. Applicants must be working towards a degree with the intent of becoming a RN or LPN upon graduation.


Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Application Deadline: January 31

Princeton University's Prize in Race Relations scholarship recognizes and rewards high school students who have had a significant positive effect on race relations in their schools or communities through their volunteer efforts. Prize recipients receive a cash prize of $1,000 and an all-expenses-paid weekend to a Symposium on Race at Princeton University.


QuestBridge Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 20

Scholarship Recipients are granted admission to one of QuestBridge's college partners with a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000 each.   This scholarship covers the cost of attendance including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and travel expenses.


Rotary Community Service Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 15

Shell will sponsor up to 20 one-year awards of $2,500 for selected graduating high school seniors enrolling in engineering or geosciences college/university courses.  Upon successful completion of first year studies and other criteria, the recipient may be eligible to apply to receive a four-year renewable award of $5,000 annually.


Terry Bryant Law School Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 27

Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law offers a $2,500 scholarship to be awarded to one student who has been accepted to or is currently enrolled in an ABA- or AALS-accredited law school.


Thoroughbred Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 31

The Race for Education focuses on students interested in a career in the equine veterinary profession with scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000.  The scholarships are for tuition only.


Training and Recruitment Initiative for Admission to Leading Law Schools (Trials)

Application Deadline: February 15

TRIALS is a residential scholarship program that helps talented and motivated college students of modest means gain admission to the nation’s leading law schools. This rigorous five-week summer course enhances opportunities for students of underrepresented backgrounds by bolstering their skills and focusing their goals.


Truman Scholarship Foundation

Application Deadline: February 5

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards merit-based scholarships to college students who plan to pursue careers in government or elsewhere in public service. Truman Scholars receive up to $30,000 for graduate or professional school, participate in leadership development activities, and have special opportunities for internships and employment with the federal government.


Varsity Tutors College Scholarships

Application Deadline: Monthly

Every month, Varsity Tutors offers a $200 scholarship award for the best essay response to a specific questions/prompt.  Scholarship eligibility limited to individuals at least 16 years of age and a U.S. legal resident on or before their entry into the contest.


Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship

Application Deadline: December 31 (annually)

Vocational Training HQ’s Scholarship offers $1,000 scholarships to students attending universities, colleges, and other academic and non-academic institutions across the U.S.


Young Arts Foundation Scholarship

Application Deadline: October 11

Offered to 15- to 18-year-old visual, literary, design or performing artists.  Award winners receive up to $10,000 in cash awards and take master classes with accomplished artists, ​and other perks.


Driver Education Scholarship

Application Deadline: October 11

National Driving and Traffic School offers “In the Driver’s Seat” scholarship opportunity which rewards applicants $3,000 in scholarships.  Aimed at students enrolled full-time as a high school sophomore, junior, or senior or as a college freshman.