Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP)

SILP was created by the California Fostering Connections to Success Act.  Youth eligible for SILP can receive direct financial support while living independently in an apartment, renting a room, residing in a college dorm and sharing a setting with a roommate.  Youth in this program are usually age 18 to 21 and currently participating in extended foster care.   To get SILP there are several requirements you must meet including:

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You must find your own housing

This could be a room you rent from a relative or friend, an apartment, a college dorm, etc. You decide who you live with and where you live, however housing has to be approved by your social worker, deputy probation officer (DPO) or the judge.

Readiness Assessment

A readiness assessment must be conducted BEFORE you move into a SILP to determine if you are ready to live more independently.  Assessment questions may include how well you understand budgeting and money management, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, can you manage your own healthcare or buy groceries, and other skills and knowledge needed for living independently.

Home Inspection

Your social worker or DPO must conduct a physical inspection of the home to make sure it meets basic health and safety standards (i.e. running water, electricity, etc.).  If you are living in a dorm or other college housing, it is automatically approved and does not need to be assessed.

Once your apartment, dorm, or rented room passes inspection and is approved you may be eligible for direct funding.  Get more information about SILP and download forms here.

Transitional Housing Program (THP)-Plus

The Transitional Housing Program (THP)-Plus is a transitional housing placement option for youth aged 18-24 who have emancipated from the foster care and juvenile probation systems.  In addition to housing, THP-Plus provides youth a wide range of supportive services including educational guidance, employment counseling, and assistance reaching emancipation goals. Once you are accepted into the program, a host home or apartment rental unit is provided.

Eligibility criteria for emancipated foster and probation youth is 24 months unless you are enrolled in college or career education and then you can participate for up to 36 months, rather than 24 months.