Using LifePrep Academy Curriculum as a Tool to Engage Parents 

Our Parent Engagement workshops are designed to help schools engage families and achieve their LCAP parent outreach goals.  Non-profits, community groups, and faith-based organizations use our workshops to support the college planning needs of the youth they serve.

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Our training workshops teach students and their parents how to:

  • build the college knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to graduate from high school
  • navigate the complex college admissions and selection process
  • understand the financial aid process and the financial aid available to them
  • assess students personal interests so they can direct their learning and establish college and career goals that align with their interests
  • develop a plan to help find their path to a college or career school campus

Workshops available in English and Spanish language.

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Consulting and Workshop Fees

  • Fees for 60-90 Minute Training: $250
  • 3 Hour Training (Saturday Available): $400

NOTE: Hosting school, district, or group must purchase LifePrep Guides used during the workshop for participating students and/or families. Hosts that purchase 1,000 guides or more are entitled to one FREE 90-minute Parent Engagement workshop.