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If you have to pay money to get money for financial aid, it is probably a scam!

Every year students and parents are cheated out of more than $100 million dollars. According to the Federal Trade Commission, common signs of a scam which you should watch out for include:

• There is a scholarship application fee.

• The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.

• They say "this information can't be found anywhere else".

• The company asks for your credit card number, social security number, ATM pin, or bank account number to hold a scholarship for you.

• The company advertises that "they will do all the work for you".

Be a smart consumer! Never pay money to get money.


Since many scholarships require an application essay, you’ll want to know how to write one that will persuade the selection board that you’re the right person to receive the money available! If done right, your scholarship essay is a window into your unique world. It gives the readers a sense of you as a dimensional person—beyond what GPA alone can reflect. You get to showcase your unique voice and tone, which is exciting!

And yes, they can even be fun to write! Here is a list scholarship winning tips anyone can use to win big.


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