LifePrep Academy Sessions

Available In-Person or Virtual


01. LifePrep Academy Orientation
A 60 minute - 3 hour overview session of the LifePrep Academy curriculum.
02. Learning Styles & Study Habits
Students learn about individual learning style, effective study behaviors that lead to academic success and online homework help resources.
03. College Entrance Requirements
Students complete an A-G requirement grid, learn the value of AP courses, and learn tips for success on the PSAT, SAT and ACT.
04. College Planning & Eligibility
Students learn the value of concurrent enrollment, how to successfully create a college and career plan, and understand their education options.
05. Financial Aid: FAFSA, Scholarships & More
Students learn to identify financial aid resources for which they may qualify, submit applications and meet deadlines.
06. School to Career Options
Students evaluate non-college options that are good matches for their personalities and working styles (ie., CTE, apprenticeships, military, entrepreneurship).
07. Financial Literacy: Smart About Money
Students gain knowledge of the basics of personal finances, banking, credit, investments and retirement accounts.
08. Discover Your Interests & Skills
Students use career assessment tools to evaluate interests, skills, abilities, and competencies to see what career path they should follow.
09. Career Planning & Tools
Students learn about tools for their first job, resume writing, interview preparation techniques, their rights and more.
10. Effective Personal & Social Skills
Students learn how having effective personal and social skills can lead to a more enriching life after high school and career.
FEATURED: Middle to High School Transition
Planning ahead, with parent involvement, helps middle schoolers make choices that positively affect their future.
A six session series of 21 FREE videocasts and discussions that teach students how to "Build an Entrepreneurial Mind & Financial Abundance".